Mission Statement

“Transcending your vision, wherever it takes you.”

Swenson Filming & Locations’ mission is to “transcend an artist’s vision, wherever it may take them”. This statement is grounded in a moral fabric that aims to celebrate and serve clients from all walks of life, by bringing their stories, worlds and events to life through a widespread tapestry of locations.

Swenson F&L supports entertainment ventures by providing unprecedented location services in all categories of production (film, television, photography, event, fashion, editorial, etc.). A client’s experience is uniquely tailored to reflect the smallest detail of imagination, allowing mind to create reality in the most compelling canvases.

Swenson F&L fosters a solution-oriented team that aims to make the impossible possible while maintaining an exceptional level of proficiency and comfort. We align our passion for the arts with industry collaborations that will inspire audiences through the shared experience of the still & moving image and celebratory events.

Jessa Swenson
Founder and CEO of Swenson Filming & Locations

As an entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age, Jessa first made her mark as the inventor of the renowned Snappy Sack earning a nomination of Invention of the Year at the Los Angeles Mart which solidified her standing as a business trailblazer. She also co-founded two successful enterprises over the years, the first being The Swenson Williams Talent Agency securing national commercials, network television, feature films and print for reputable clients under her leadership. Her second and current partnership lies with LA-based Lighting FX, providing exquisite lighting and lighting design for high-end clientele in the entertainment business and beyond.

Jessa offers clients the benefit of more than 25 years of experience within the corporate and entertainment sectors, and provides a unique perspective and background that the location & filming industry needs. Her passion envelops everything that she nurtures; including the people and business ventures that thrive from her compassionate and go-getting character.

Alex Lampsos

Alex Lampsos, a seasoned producer, joins the Swenson team as chief production liaison and associate acquisition agent in support of streamlining logistics between client and property. A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Alex launched his career by landing a rewarding venture at the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival for a two-festival run. Since his move to LA in 2013, Alex produced a total of 17 films and music videos resulting in over 20 festival selections and awards, including an independent feature with a cast of RuPaul’s Drag Race stars, a romantic drama through a successful Kickstarter campaign, and his first short film with over 3 million views on YouTube. Alex hopes to collaborate with talented storytellers and artists from around the world and facilitate projects that will consistently elevate and inspire audiences.


The rate system has been established based on industry standards and logistical workflow. Each property will be designated an individualized rate per project reflective of the various production or event needs. There are costs within the rate that incorporate property maintenance, storage of resources, electricity usage, on-set moderator fees and other project-specific expenses.

Clients will be subjected to contractual caveats that will affect budget, some of which include:

  • Deposit: A deposit is requested seven days prior to production or event start date on top of standard compensation and returned upon completion of production or event pending damage and miscellaneous costs accrued.
  • Overtime: Costs will be added systematically should the client accumulate any over time on top of the designated timeline.
  • Cancellation: A cancellation fee will be applied up to seven days prior to production or event start date.
  • Damage: Client will be notified of any damage costs up to seven days after completion of production or event.

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