Country Home

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This all-american country estate is truly your home away from home. The spacious property is adorned with eclectic furniture pieces, unique decorative gems, open layout and staircase, 2-sided fireplace, 1/2 acre yard and an ambience that that embodies the essence of vintage. A gorgeous pool and pond with L-shaped covered patio are located in the backyard giving the exterior a rare and sophisticated western feel.

Reserve for Production Reserve for Event Type of Location: Residential Square Footage: 4,000 State: CA City: Los Angeles Vicinity: Shadow Hills Bedrooms: 4 Restrooms: 4 Noise Level: Very Low Electricity / Amps: 48 KW Solar Panel Parking: Plenty of all day free parking on the street Sub-Type / Feature: Bedroom, Restroom, Living Room, Den, Dining Room, Kitchen, Fridge, Microwave, Sink, Children's Room, Laundry Room, Backyard, Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Fountain, Shed, Garden, Front Porch, Garage, Driveway, Office, A/C, Heating

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