Mediterranean Villa

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This Mediterranean Villa is a stunning example of Mediterranean architecture designed by noted architect Franz Herding in 1925. This Hollywood Hills mini-estate has been lovingly restored & seamlessly updated, offering state of the art amenities while maintaining the classic architectural integrity & character of this Golden Era home. The elegant 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath floor plan on 3 levels (with an elevator from the street level) offers comfortable proportions impeccably executed with glamor & charm. No system or finish has been overlooked. Extensive features include a new master suite with stunning indoor/outdoor bath, an exquisite new kitchen with Ceaserstone & marble counters and Viking appliances, open plan dining & living spaces, espresso oak floors, a 16 foot barrel ceilinged living room with massive picture window, roof terrace with 360 degree views & a charming guest casita with separate entrance. An outstanding offering as a Los Angeles filming location.

Courtesy of Swenson Filming & Locations [Swenson locations].

Reserve for Production Reserve for Event Type of Location: Residential Square Footage: 3500 State: CA City: Los Angeles Vicinity: Hollywood Hills Bedrooms: 4 Restrooms: 3 Noise Level: Very Low Parking: Lots of street parking. Sub-Type / Feature: Bedroom, Restroom, Living Room, Great Room, Den, Dining Room, Kitchen, Fridge, Sink, Children's Room, Laundry Room, Guest House, Backyard, Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Fountain, Waterfall, Outdoor Fireplace, Indoor Fireplace, Outdoor Bar, Indoor Bar, Outdoor Patio, Garden, Front Porch, Garage, A/C, Heating, Courtyard, Wireless / WIFI

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