Palm Springs Bungalow

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Gorgeous Palm Springs Bungalow in the heart of Palm Springs is professionally landscaped and meticulously redesigned to perfection. With 3 bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen, huge heated pool & jacuzzi, spa-like bathrooms and much more, this beautiful well maintained mini-compound is just 10 minutes from downtown Palm Springs in Cathedral City. A Palm Springs filming location like no other.

Courtesy of Swenson Filming & Locations [Swenson locations].

Reserve for Production Reserve for Event Type of Location: Residential State: CA City: Palm Springs Vicinity: Cathedral City Bedrooms: 3 Restrooms: 2 Noise Level: Very Low Parking: Plenty of street parking. Sub-Type / Feature: Bedroom, Restroom, Living Room, Den, Dining Room, Kitchen, Fridge, Sink, Laundry Room, Backyard, Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Fountain, Indoor Bar, Outdoor Patio, Garden, Front Porch, Garage, Driveway, A/C, Heating, Wireless / WIFI

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