The TajmaHollywood

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Behold the TajmaHollywood! This exquisite Hollywood Hills estate is the epitome of modern architecture, designed with intricate detail and a plethora of open-concept rooms allowing seamless transitions from the interior to the blissful exterior.

Reserve for Production Reserve for Event Type of Location: Residential State: CA City: Los Angeles Vicinity: Hollywood Hills Bedrooms: 3 Restrooms: 6 Noise Level: Very Low Parking: Lots of Street Parking Sub-Type / Feature: Bedroom, Restroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Fridge, Microwave, Sink, Laundry Room, Guest House, Backyard, Outdoor Pool, Jacuzzi, Fountain, Pond, Outdoor Fireplace, Outdoor Bar, Indoor Bar, Outdoor Patio, Garden, Front Porch, Garage, Driveway, Office, A/C, Heating, Courtyard, Lawn, Forest, Changing Room, Wireless / WIFI

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